Police looking for Taxi Driver who Faked Kidnapping to Repay Drug Dealer


In efforts to repay a drug dealer for a deal gone bad, investigators believe that one man staged his kidnapping. Police are now on the hunt for the 23 year old suspect. 

The man has been identified as a 23-year-old taxi driver of Essex Street, New Amsterdam, Berbice.

According to the Police, on April 22, 2022, in Region 5 the man abandoned his motorcar and ran away after marijuana was found in the vehicle. To compensate for their losses, the person he was transporting the illegal drug for demanded to be repaid $1 million.

To this end, investigators believe he allegedly conspired with others to fake his kidnapping.

On Saturday, a 21-year-old woman of Essex Street, New Amsterdam, Berbice went to the Police and reported that on Thursday at about 7:50hrs her fiancé, a 23-year-old taxi driver,  left home to drop a passenger to Georgetown. She said he had a passenger in his vehicle at the time who is known to her as ‘Buckboy’.

The woman said that around 21:24hrs, she called her fiancé and he told her that he was at Weldaad, West Berbice and that he had to turn back to make a pick up at Bath Settlement. That was the last she heard from him. 

The next day, around 01:30 hrs, she said her landline phone rang and a male voice told her he had his ‘stuff’ (narcotics) in her fiance’s car and he wants one million dollars for it, or else she will find his body at the road corner.

The woman said she told the male caller that she does not have that amount of money. She requested to speak to her fiancé but the person ended the call.

Police said that on Saturday “at about 10:09 hrs, she checked her phone and saw a number of photographs of her fiancé on a bed with his hands and feet tied up with a yellow rope. The photos were sent to her from her fiancé’s phone. 

She also received some text messages demanding ($500,000). She told investigators she was also warned against making contact with the police or it will be worst.”

The passenger (‘Buckboy’) who was in the car with the taxi driver is currently in custody being interrogated.

Investigations are ongoing.


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