The Guyana Police Force remains tight-lipped on what exactly investigators are probing in relation to former AFC Member of Parliament Charandass Persaud. Commissioner of Police Leslie James says the probe is of “national importance”. Javone Vickerie reports.

Police Commissioner Leslie James has confirmed that an investigation by the Criminal Investigations Department has been launched into several allegations leveled against former AFC member of parliament Charandass Persaud.

Hours after voting in support of an Opposition-tabled no-confidence motion against the Government on December 21, Mr. Persaud left Guyana for Canada and has not returned since.

When pressed for additional information about the CID investigation, Commissioner James remained adamant that information regarding the precise nature of the investigation cannot be disseminated to the media at this time.

The Commissioner when further pressed to disclose what evidence the police have so far gathered, and whether this evidence will be of use to the ongoing probe, continued to be reluctant, stating that the matter is sensitive.

The commissioner further noted that contact has not been made with Persaud who is reportedly still in Canada. He however said that if the need arises, Mr. Persaud will be contacted.


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