Police probing alleged Murder at Mahaicony


Richard Persaud called Rasho, a 42 year-old rice farmer of Wash Clothes Mahaicony, ECD, was allegedly murdered on Tuesday.

Police are now investigating his death. The incident occurred about 21:30 hrs at Wash Clothes Mahaicony.

According to reports, about 17:00 hrs, the now deceased along with a 34 year-old labourer, a 47-year-old rice farmer, and another male, were cooking and imbibing.

All three men whom are from Wash Clothes, were at the time opposite the house belonging to the 34 year-old friend of the late Persaud.

According to an eyewitness, at about 21:30 hrs, he saw a 25-year-old rice farmer of Johanna Creek, Mahaicony driving his tractor and hit the left side back wheel of motor truck #GEE 4715, owned by the 34 year-old friend of the deceased, which was parked on the western side of Wash Clothes road, causing damages.

The tractor driver’s 36-year-old brother — also a rice farmer of Johana Creek Mahaicony — was driving in his car behind the tractor.

An argument started between the 34 year-old friend of the deceased and the 36 year-old suspect who went into his motor car, collect an object and stabbed him.

Friends of the deceased then dealt the suspect several lashes and he ran into yard and they ran after him.

It is unclear what transpired after that as the deceased (Richard) was not seen nor he did not return home and his family began to search for him.

On 21st September 2022 about 09:00 hrs a body was seen floating in a trench in front of the 34 year-old’s home at Wash Clothes Mahaicony.

Police were summoned to the scene and observed that the body was floating in a trench.

The body was fished out from the water and it was examined by a police rank where a stab wound was seen in the middle of his chest and bruises to the left eye.

The body was identified to be Richard Persaud (deceased) by his wife.

The body was escorted to the Mahaicony Public Hospital, where it was pronounced dead on arrival by a doctor on duty.

Same was then escorted to Bailey’s Funeral Parlour awaiting PME.

Investigations in progress.


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