A 30 year old taxi driver who reportedly faked his own kidnapping is in police custody assisting with the investigation.

Keshan Bhola, a 30-year-old taxi driver of Section ‘C’ Block ‘Y’ Golden Grove, East Bank Demerara, reported to the Madewini Police on the 3rd of June around 07:00 hrs and reported that he was abducted and robbed of his motor car (#HD 2794) by two males and a female on 29th of May.

However, during an interview by investigators, Bhola recanted his report. He then told police that he went to a ‘gamble shop’ in Grove with his motor car #HD 2794. The censor (key) for the car was on his pants waist. He told police that after using cocaine, and drinking beers he fell asleep with the censor (key) on his pants waist.

When he woke, the censor (key) and the car was missing. He told the police he learnt that the shop owner and another male, removed the car sensor (key) and vehicle.

“Upon checking for the vehicle he found that it was missing, and after asking around he learnt that the shop owner and another male, who is known to him by being in the said ‘drug yard’, to be the two that removed the car sensor (key) and vehicle. Further investigation was conducted on 2022-06-03 and Bhola related that he is a habitual cocaine user and would visit the drugs Block often which is located at Grove, EBD.” A police report said.

The shop owner was arrested and interviewed by investigators at CID HQ, and it was revealed that he sold the car to a named individual who is currently being pursued by the police.

The police said that the alleged buyer has not been located as yet.

Investigations are ongoing.


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