Even though dead men tell no tales, police believe that the five men who
were killed at Turkeyen on Tuesday night had returned to the home they once

Following the gunning down of five gunmen at Turkeyen on Tuesday morning,
Timothy St. Hill, Levi Braithwaite, Andrew Daly, Ian Forde and Jermaine Doobay.
Police are said to be checking the serial number on that AK 47 assault rifle which
was reportedly found in possession of one of the gunmen.
The source who spoke with Nightly News said that the investigation is not yet
completed, but a through one is being conducted. What the source pointed out was that investigators are tracing the weapons to see if they had been used in previous crimes, perhaps during the murderous 200’s crime spree.
As it relates to the AK 47, investigators will be checking to see if that weapon is
part of the cache of weapons that went missing from the GDF. Thirty AK-47s
along with five pistols vanished from the GDF’s armoury at the base camp in
February 2006.
By 2010, Seventeen of the weapons which disappeared were found in the
possession of criminals. The identity of whoever took the weapons remains an
unanswered question, even though then Lieutenant Colonel Tony Ross who was in
charge of the armoury at the time was found guilty in May 2008 of failing to
effectively manage the army’s weapons’ store resulting in the theft of the weapons.
Back in May 7 2018, when Colonel Omar Khan of the now GDF
Military Criminal Investigations Department, testified at the Lindo Creek
commission of inquiry. Khan testified that to date, not all of the
missing weapons have been recovered.

Travis Chase reports.


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