Police shootout victim died from perforation of blood vessels in groin area


A Post Mortem Examination was conducted on 35-year-old Kevin Andries on Wednesday following a ‘shootout’ with police and another suspect early Monday morning.
According to the Guyana Police Force ranks were on mobile patrol duty on the East Bank Demerara about 2:50hrs, they responded to a report received via the radio communications network in relation to a motor vehicle, bearing registration plate PVV 5380, with suspected stolen items. The suspected vehicle was subsequently seen in the Diamond area and was pursued by the ranks. The vehicle sped away into an access street at Golden Grove, EBD, where two men exited, one of whom opened fire on the police. The police returned fire hitting one of them, who was later identified as Andries, to his body. The police claimed the other suspect escaped.
However, according to another news outlet, Regional Commander Mahendra Siwnarine said on Tuesday that no stolen items were found in the Toyota Raum that the man was reportedly in the ‘shootout’.
The PME which was conducted by Government Pathologist Dr. Nehaul Singh indicated that the Mini-bus driver had one suspected gunshot was observed on the left side of the deceased’s buttocks which exited his left side pelvic area, damaging several blood vessels. He died from perforation of blood vessels in the groin area due to a gunshot injury.


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