• Undisclosed amount of cash taken


Popeyes Fast Food was robbed again, this time by a lone gunman. The amount of cash that was taken has not yet been confirmed but the outlet seems to be an easy target for bandits. One Employee recalled seeing the magazine of a gun fall from a man who was exiting the restaurant. The employee said he didn’t pay too much attention to it since he was of the impression the man was an officer of the law. It was until after making a query that he learned that the outlet had just been robbed.

On September 13, two armed men, reportedly with kerchiefs over their faces, escaped with over $1M in cash after they held up the supervisor, 27-year-old Mahendra Persaud. On February 29, 2012 two men, reportedly armed with a shotgun, escaped with an undisclosed sum of cash after holding employees at gunpoint. And two years before that, two armed men entered the same outlet via the back door and escaped with some $1.2M. All the robberies have occurred at the same location.


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