Pork-knocker arrested, charged for raping teen


A 32-year-old Pork-knocker of Aransas Baramita, North West District (NWD)  Region One (Barima-Waini) was hauled before the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court Six (6) on Wednesday where he was slapped with a rape charge and remanded to prison until March 5.

 Ruben Calvis, was arrested on Valentine’s day and later charged on Wednesday for rape contrary to Section 3 (3) of the Sexual Offenses Act, Chap. 8:03,  which was committed on  a female teen of Baramita , NWD.
The offense is alleged to have occurred on February 11, this year, at Minora village Baramita.

Calvis appeared before Magistrate Dylon Bess where he was read the charge but was not required to plea.
He was remanded to prison until March 5.


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