Saturday, September 30, 2023


If President David Granger returns to office, the People’s Progressive Party will not recognize him as president rather, they will acknowledge Irfaan Ali as the President of Guyana. The details in this report from Handell Duncan



  1. I don’t know how the PPP plans to do that, the only body that can declare a winner after an election is GEOCOM. I see what the PPP is trying to do here, but Mr. Jagdeo this is not PERU where the OAS and other OBSERVERS, over turn a democratically elected President. This is GUYANA, my fore parents came here as salves, and I can assure you that Ali wouldn’t be my President unless he is so declared by GEOCOM. The rest you will know if and when Geocom makes their declaration, if its not in ALI’S favour and you try any thing against that declaration.

  2. Gecom does not want to do what right in the eyes of the people and the rule of laws, they want to swear in a loosing government. It not right.

  3. I’m a born Guyanese, but have made the USA my home for the past 40 years due to the corruption, and downright crookery of Burnham and the PNC.
    The leaders and followers of this corrupted party have no morals, integrity or conscience; they’re just a bunch of low life thugs..
    I hope that justice prevails, and the right persom is installed as the leader
    when the time comes…
    This country has been divided too long for the good of the brilliant, and wealthy Indians who have been murdered, have their homes burned to the ground, their little girls raped by the Guyana soldiers in 1962
    Its time the hardworking people get whats rightfully theirs…

  4. Your forparents came there as slaves… so that gives you entitlement to rig?

    Slavery ended in 1833.

    Indians were trafgucked to guyana as semi slaves.
    That ended in 1917.

  5. It doesn’t matter what the SOPs say anymore. Jagdeo is bent on creating chaos. What I do not understand is how people can blindly follow a man under whose leadership Guyana became a playground for criminal entities. This is not about Irfaan Ali. It is about Jagdeo seeking to regain power. I am disgusted.

  6. What have the APNU done for guyana or its citizens..that they feel the ppl will elect them again? Do they ppl like punishment?

  7. GECOM is now GEGONE. Disgraced and shameless. The winner must be sworn in and be recognized by the world. Right now Granger will never be recognize as the winner by the world. Let Democracy prevail. Rigging days done. Court trial for all the riggers. Send a clear message to one and all

  8. Yall now wake up out yall tomb,the best economic time in the history if Guyana,occured in the last 4 years under yall father,D.A Grainger.


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