Roysdale Forde SC, Member of Parliament and Shadow Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs has responded to a report by Newsroom which claims that the PPP regime intends to file a no-confidence motion against the Leader of the Opposition. 

In a missive to the media Force said that should the report prove to be credible, it will have exposed the desperation of the beleaguered PPP to deflect attention away from the potent No Confidence Motions filed against Frank Anthony and Robeson Benn, installed ministers of Health and Home Affairs, who by their incompetence and inaction are placing the lives and security of our people at risk.

He underscored that the Opposition Members of Parliament have every confidence in the Leader of the Opposition.

“The PPP is not only desperate but is also seeking to pervert the Constitution and inject into it that which it does not provide for” Forde stated 

He reminded that The Leader of the Opposition in accordance with Article 184 of the Constitution is elected by the non-governmental members of the National Assembly and can only be removed by a majority of the non-governmental members of the National Assembly.

He reiterated that by definition, the Leader of the Opposition does not have to enjoy the support of the Government members of the National Assembly.  

“Unlike, the two incompetent installed ministers – Anthony and Benn – they are to enjoy the confidence of the National Assembly,” Forde said 

It is his claim that any attempt by the PPP to file a no-confidence motion against the Leader of the Opposition will be baseless, frivolous, unconstitutional, vexatious and an abuse of the National Assembly. 

He stated further that The Speaker will have no basis to allow such a motion and will have no choice but to discard it.

“The installed Prime Minister, Mark Phillips, in whose name it is reported the purported motion is to be filed may wish to allow himself the benefit of advice and guidance from credible constitutional experts and legal minds of which there appears to be a considerable and growing deficit within the ranks of the PPP”the Attorney said


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