• The word from the Police service commission is that on December 31, police ranks eligible and recommended for promotion will be promoted. But a preliminary list might have created some unease in the Guyana Police force. Travis Chase Reports.

The Police service commission is still locked in meetings as the body continues its discussion on police promotions. Contacted on Friday, Chairman of the Police service commission, Paul Slowe would only say that the body is meeting to continue with its discussion. During our last interview with Mr. Slowe, he gave this assurance regarding police promotion.

Nightly News is in receipt of a preliminary list officers recommended for promotion. That list has created some gripe within the Guyana police force as number of senior officers were not recommended for police promotion. Nightly News was later told by a credible source that, that list is just a preliminary one and that nothing has been finalized as the PSC is still meeting on promotions. The source went on to say that when that list is revealed on December 31, it will be by far the best list of police promotions is years. The Guyana Police Force usually makes recommendations to the Police service commission for officers to be promoted from the rank of Inspector to Assistant Commissioner, while the President of Guyana is constitutionally responsible for the appointment of Deputy Commissioner and Commissioner.


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