President wants peace to prevail, urges Protesters to go home


Following ongoing and escalating protest action on Tuesday, the Head of State has broken his silence and has made a plea for protesters to “Go home, clear the roadways and allow the system to work”.

“I am asking residents to please go home and please clear the roadway and to please allow the system to work. All of us want justice, and all of us want fairness, but we cannot base our actions on misleading information”, the Head of State pleaded on

Protest erupted along the East Coast of Demerara on Tuesday morning for Quindon Bacchus- that 23 year old father of one who was shot dead by plain clothes police three weeks ago.

As the probe into the Police shooting death of Quindon Bacchus continues, President Ali in a televised statement from State House on Tuesday urged the public to be patient and let the process to run its course. He related that the Chairman of the Police Complaints Authority confirmed to him that the investigation is progressing and a completed report should be available by next week Monday.

President I said “I am assured by the Chairman who has advised me that by very early in the new week, he is hoping that by Monday, he will be in a position to present his report to the DPP.”

Providing an update, President Ali said he has also been informed that a second Police Officer is now in custody. Against that backdrop
, he contended that Tuesday’s protest action is unwarranted.

“Let the institutions work”, he stated.

In a Facebook post, the President all noted that “The Police must protect people’s lives and properties. It is now obvious this is not all about justice for Quindon Bacchus. It is now barefaced theft, damage to property and outrageous lawlessness by some. The police must arrest those who are openly damaging public and private properties and stealing from citizens. Those instigating this lawlessness must also be brought to justice. As a democratic society and country, we must never allow this. Our collective voices must condemn it now.”

This comes on the heels of looting and damage to property at the Mon Repos Market where several stalls and a bus were reportedly destroyed.

So far, Guyana Police Force has dispatched the riot squad to quell the protest and prevent it from spreading further down the East Coast of Demerara.

The protest started at Golden Grove and moved to several East Coast villages.

Minister of Home Affairs, Robeson Benn is currently on the ground addressing affected Mon Repos vendors on the ECD.


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