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Prisoner chopped several times by inmates for “snitching” about contraband items in cells

A prisoner on remand for murder at the Lusignan Prison, East Coast Demerara (ECD), was brutally chopped several times by two (2) of his inmates, after they accused the now badly injured convict of “snitching” to authorities about contraband items being at that location.

The injured inmate has been identified as Ceylon David called “Tallman” who was allegedly assaulted then chopped multiple times about his body by another prisoner who is on remand for murder, Lennox Roberts, and fellow inmate Kentie Bacchus, who is a sentenced prisoner.

According to a police statement, its ranks responded to a call by the Guyana Prison Service (GPS) on Friday (yesterday) around 19:30h at the Lusignan Penitentiary.

“The two suspects and victim are known to each other and the victim was accused by the suspects of ‘snitching’ which led to a prison search and several contraband items being removed. It is alleged that the suspects armed themselves with improvised weapons and dealt the victim several chops to the body causing him to receive injuries to the face, hand and foot. The victim managed to escape and summoned the prison officers.”

An improvised weapon (cutlass) was recovered.

Investigations continue.



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