“Private hire car” stolen by man, female companion pretending to be customers


A 43-year-old taxi driver is now counting his losses after a male and female who entered his vehicle (PXX 4871) under the pretense of being customers drove away with his car (PXX 4871) while he had been attempting to remove the couple’s belongings from the trunk of the vehicle.

The man, identified as Corwin Griffith of West Minister, La Parfaite Harmonie, West Bank Demerara (WBD), is an Electrician by trade but would use his vehicle (PXX 4871) to “work private hire” as a form of earning an extra income.

HGP Nightly News understands that the suspects made good their escape with Griffith’s “new model” silver Toyota Allion (PXX 4871) valued at $3.4M around 22:20h on Tuesday in “D” Field, Sophia, Greater Georgetown.

Reports are that on the night in question, Griffith was in the vicinity of America Street, Georgetown, when the man and his female companion approached him and requested that he take them to “D” Field Sophia, Greater Georgetown.

At that time, the couple had been carrying two (2) black garbage plastic bags, which were believed to have contained clothing, which they placed into the trunk of Griffith’s vehicle (PXX 4871) before they entered the car.

According to a police statement, the driver took the couple to the last street in “D” Field, Sophia, near the access road and Griffith then exited his car (PXX 4871) and walked towards the trunk of the vehicle (PXX 4871) to remove the garbage bags.

“In the process, the male (suspect) went into the driver side seat and drove away with the motor car with the female, and escaped in western Direction, along a cross street and made good their escape. Investigations are ongoing,” the police statement added.


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