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Ramps Logistics withdraws claims for damages against Government.

By Tiana Cole.

Surprisingly, Ramps Logistics Guyana Inc has withdrawn its application for damages against the Government of Guyana. Last year, the company won a legal battle against the government to obtain a Local Content Certificate, which is required for companies operating in the oil and gas industry.

While Ramps Logistics Guyana Inc did not disclose the reason for withdrawing its application for damages, the company has stated that it will pursue recouping costs. The company has invested significant resources in obtaining the Local Content Certificate, and it is unclear what impact this decision will have on its operations.

The oil and gas industry closely watched the legal battle between Ramps Logistics Guyana Inc and the government in Guyana. The decision by Ramps Logistics Guyana Inc to withdraw its application for damages is likely to raise questions about the future of the local content policy and its implementation.



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