PPP/C member Peter Ramsaroop who chaperoned Chrandass Persaud out of Guyana moments after the former parliamentarian dealt a deadly blow to the Government, thinks he did nothing wrong and is prepared to do it all over again. More in this report from Handell Duncan

Peter Ramsaroop was on the list of Candidates for the People’s Progressive Party in 2015 and according to Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo, Ramsaroop is likely to be on the party’s list again. It was Ramsaroop that was pictured escorting, expelled Government Backbencher, Chrandass Persaud, out of the National Assembly on December 21, after he voted against the Government in the No-Confidence Motion. According to Jagdeo, Ramsaroop advises him on economic issues, it is the very Ramsaroop who followed Persaud all the way the aircraft door at the Eugene Correia International Airport, Ogle.

Nightly News understands that Persaud and Ramsaroop were accompanied by Mission Security Officer of the High Commission of Canada, Richard Beliveau. The Ogle Airport has stated that the Mission Security Officer presented his Ministry of Foreign Affairs ID Card to the airport duty officer and requested a pass to accompany a passenger to the aircraft. Ramsaroop also requested a pass, Protocol passes were then granted to both persons. The airport has since placed a halt on the issuance of protocol passes as it seeks to investigate what exactly happened. Ramsaroop was questioned by reporters on his actions.

Ramsaroop maintained that Persaud is his friend, and that he had no prior knowledge of how Persaud was going to vote.

It is questionable whether Ramsaroop was telling the truth prior knowledge since the Opposition was confident that they were going to receive support from the Government’s side when they decided to table that No-Confidence motion. It was the Government’s side that was confident that it had the support of all of its members in the House and treated lightly the possibility of defeat.


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