Ranger who suffered from epilepsy found dead at residence by nephew


A 50-year-old Ranger attached to the Queenstown Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC), Essequibo who is said to have suffered from epilepsy was found dead on Tuesday (yesterday) by his nephew.

The now dead man has been identified as Deodat Persaud of Anna Regina Housing Scheme, Essequibo Coast.

Persaud is believed to have died between Saturday and Tuesday (yesterday) at his residence.

According to a police statement, the now dead man’s nephew, Mohindar Persaud stated that his uncle lived alone and around 15:40h on Tuesday (yesterday) when he was making his “usual weekly check” on Deodat’s wellbeing, he discovered the lifeless man.

“A neighbour reports that she last saw the deceased alive on the morning of Saturday March 20, 2021. No marks of violence found by police. Investigation in progress.,” the police added.


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