Region 4 Chairman describes No confidence motion as mischievous and distasteful


Regional Chairman of Region 4 Daniel Seeram in a statement on Monday afternoon noted that the many issues being spewed in the media are mischievous since they are inaccurate while others were ventilated at the level of the Regional Democratic Council’s statutory meetings. The Chairman said, “It is most unfortunate that these actions were done in the absence of the Regional Chairman which makes the situation distasteful.”

This statement comes after the decision of Alliance of Change (AFC) Region Four Councillors to back two No-Confidence motions against Seeram and Vice Chairman Samuel Sandy.

Further he said the records can attest that the necessary guidance was given and formal complaints were lodged. “To our partners in the APNU+AFC Coalition there is mutual respect for all concerns that are brought to the leadership of the RDC Demerara-Mahaica. These matters are discussed, consulted and then informed decisions are made. With the current posture it would be favoured that good sense prevail and the intellectual authors of such actions would comprehend that this course of action bears no fruit, but only creates mischief,” Seeram stated.

The Regional Chairman further noted that all pertinent issues affecting the Region should be immediately communicated in order to bring relief, provide assistance and improve the lives and livelihood of all citizens.


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