The people of Bartica and surrounding areas are now benefiting from a substantial leap in the provision of medical services… Yaniss Abrams reports…

Thousands of people living in Bartica, Goshen, Karrou, Kaow Island and surrounding riverain areas as far away as Saxacalli are to benefit from the service of Water Ambulance which was acquired by the Ministry of Public Health.

The Water Ambulance is equipped with all the gadgets and facilities required to transport the sick comfortably to the Bartica hospital, and to Parika for transport  to the Georgetown Public Hospital.Regional Chairman Gordon Brandford was delighted at the positive development.

Minister of Public Health Volda Lawrence said the vessel benefit other regions including Region 2,3,10. Bradford hospital in Bartica is now staffed with specialists who are skilled enough to deal with to cases requiring emergency intervention.

The Regional hospital in Bartica has also acquired equipment to perform CT Scans. This service had to be obtained outside of the Region before, now Barticians and residents of its environs will get this service free of cost at the regional hospital.


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