Region Three businesses in compliance with COVID-19 emergency measures- Commander McBean


urges public to report  unauthorized businesses that are operational 

Although relevant authorities have implemented the COVID-19 emergency measures countrywide, inclusive of the closure of “non-essential” businesses, to ensure that the populace remains safe and protected from contracting the disease, there are some that continue to flout those rules.

In Region Three (Essequibo Islands- West Demerara), there have been reports that since the restrictive menu of measures were announced on April 3, several businesses have not been in adherence. When contacted by HGP Nightly News on this matter, Regional Police Commander, Assistant Police Commissioner, Simon McBean, who is also a member of that Region’s Committee tasked with handling COVID-19 measures, stated that initially some differences existed  regarding the interpretation of  which business in the region were considered as essential 

However, this is no longer the case, and businesses in his Region are adhering to the rules, he explained.              

“There were a few businessmen within the Order that was issued on the 3rd of April and the Order that was issued on the 9th of April. There were some differences as it relates to the definition for some essential businesses.some that were not on the first Order found themselves as essential businesses on the second list. Some persons called and they were properly advised.”

Commander McBean posited that while there were some businesses that were still operating in the first week of this month, when they should not have been, action was taken and the situation was rectified.

“We have not found that for the past week or so but in the earlies we would have had those issues and we would have spoken to and warned those defaulting businesses and now we have not been finding those issues. I am urging if persons observe businesses that are not supposed to be open but are opening that they call us and we will respond to it. But as it stands, businesses here are in full compliance in adherence to the curfew and emergency measures and we are getting cooperation from the business community in Region Three.”

He added that the Region Three Task Force is currently on an educational drive in this regard and are visiting “store by store” to ensure that persons are complying with the rules and guidelines set out by authorities and to offer assistance if there are difficulties in interpreting details of the Order issued on April 9, 2020.


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