Central Government is disappointment that regional leaders are not buying into an initiative which aims at generating inclusivity at the grassroots, however, the government intends to pick up the pieces in 2019. Handell Duncan has the details of this story.

It is an initiative of Central Government to rename the respective 10 administrative regions. Even though the government saw the need for change o render the local government process more inclusive, that initiative has been facing some hurdles.

while the initiative is way behind on time in terms of implementation there was a hope that, support would have been garnered from the regional leadership. Minister Bulkan had explained that the administration is fixed on the decentralization of governance. 

In November 2017, the Government announced that it was offering resources to the respective Regional Democratic Councils (RDCs) across the country to hold widespread stakeholders’ consultation and engagement on what it calls regional empowerment.

The initiative sought to have dialogue on the names of the regions within the country along with identifying individual flags and symbols for each region.

The Minister had stated that the administration is committed to seeing the finality of the initiative.

On the contrary the Opposition the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C), has been opposed to the initiative.


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