Robbers carted off with more than $62M plus in cash and raw gold at Gordon Street money heist


Police are currently investigating a multi-million dollars robbery in the Kitty, Georgetown area. At about 10:05 on Thursday, police received reports of a money heist at Wallison Enterprise on Gordon Street Kitty. According to investigators, a 20-year-old female Cashier and a Goldsmith age 45 were at work, when three unidentified males wearing face masks and armed with handguns, came with a white car and parked same north of the building and entered the compound, through the main gate, after indicating to the security guard that they were there to sell gold.

Further, the suspects then entered the waiting area where they spoke to the cashier and showed her a small package which they claimed contained gold to sell.

Immediately after, according to the police, the men drew their firearms from their pants waist pointed it at her, and ordered her into an office where the money and gold were secured. At the time the other victim and another man were in the said office and they were held at gunpoint.
The suspects then ordered the workers to open the two metal safes after which they handcuffed the victims with plastic straps.

After which, they then took away the victim’s phones valued at $300,000 and $60,000, 60 oz of raw gold valued at $24M along with $38M cash.
They then locked the victims into one of the offices and made good their escape.

The cashier raised an alarm, after which the security immediately went to her rescue and kicked opened the office door.


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