• Wanted by the police! Robert Allan Gates has surrendered to the lawmen. But before that he spoke with Nightly News, alleging that the charges are trumped up and there is a plot to have him killed. Here are the details from Travis Chase.

Police have labeled him a confidence trickster, a con artist, one who has been frequenting prison in recent years on several fraud-related charges. Now, investigators have issued another wanted bulletin for the ex-policeman Allan Robert Gates. The lawmen want Gates in connection with an alleged fraud committed on Waheeda Ramcharran on February 2, 2018. Gates says he’s innocent.

Gates, who goes by several aliases, was charged back in 2010 for obtaining money by false pretense after he allegedly fleeced unsuspecting persons saying that he owned a car dealership. He spent four years behind bars after being found guilty.

The former special Branch officer believes that the allegations now leveled against him are trumped up to silence him.

Gates had testified before the Walter Rodney Commission of inquiry and claimed that senior members of the army and police aided and abetted serviceman Gregory Smith in killing Dr. Walter Rodney.

After speaking with Nightly News gates, turned himself into the police at the criminal investigations department with his bag packed, prepared to do the mandatory 72 hrs.


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