Another family has decided to come public complaining of reportedly being fleeced by Selena’s Auto Sales. Handell Duncan is on this story…..

In October of 2017, Denzil and Alicia Roberts decided to purchase a minibus from the auto dealer at an agreed cost of $3.5 M.

Though the initial down payment was made in October, the vehicle was not handed over until November 2017. Interestingly, they were told that they need to facilitate repairs on the minibus. Those included, changing the tyres, brakes pad, among other things.

Though the changes, once the vehicle commenced working, the troubles began to appear. The vehicle was returned in December to the Autodealer.

The company held on to the minibus and never returned it to the Peters. They are now without their money and the minibus. Every attempt to engage the autodealer has been unsuccessful. They tried every possible avenue for a course of redress and has been unsuccessful until now. Efforts this afternoon to contact the businessman has been futile.


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