Series of kidnappings in Guyana “far from reality”- Guyana Police Force


“While the call for neighbours and others to look out for each other is appreciated, the peddling of this misinformation about alleged kidnappings can result in unwanted tension, anxiety and stress in the society.”

This is according to a statement from the Guyana Police Force (GPF) on Friday (today) following several posts circulating on social media (Facebook) about “ a series of kidnappings” occurring in Guyana recently.

The GPF stated that it is giving citizens the assurance that this is far from reality and that there has not been any report of any kidnapping received by the police within recent times.

It should be noted that the incident highlighted in the post alleging that a series of kidnappings is occurring, which refers to the attempted kidnapping of two females, has been proven to be a false report.

According to the GPF, it has received and has been dealing professionally with recent reports of Missing Persons, but none of kidnapping.

It further stated that it has taken notice of a Facebook post showing concern in relation to the number of recent Missing Person reports in the country, particularly teenagers, and while the GPF understands the concern expressed, it is at the same time is refuting the allegation that “this issue does not appear to be receiving the full attention of the Guyana Police Force.”

“While the Force will be doing more to publicise these incidents when such reports are made, the Guyana Police Force is assuring the public that throughout the years it has dealt aggressively with Missing Person reports in terms of its follow-up action and ensuing investigations; inclusive of all police stations in the country being quickly informed of the reports along with the pertinent information. In order to bolster its capability in relation with Missing Person Reports, the Guyana Police Force has established a Missing Person Unit at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Headquarters that has the specific responsibility of assuming the lead role in the investigation of such cases.”

The GPF further emphasised that it already has a system, which is being publicised periodically, to receive information and tips on any police related matter from members of the public, in a confidential manner, through specific telephone numbers and its Facebook page.

These telephone numbers are as follow:

Headquarters       –        226-6978/225-8196


Region # 1           –        777-5007/688-7084

Region # 2           –        771-5004/774-4222

Region # 3           –        268-2338/2329

Region # 4 ‘A’      –        227-1149/225-3064


Region # 4 ‘B’      –        608-2284/ 2160251/0252/0253

Region # 4 ‘C’      –        229-2700-2750/2019

Region # 5           –        232-0313/2

Region # 6           –        333-2151/333-5564

Region # 7           –        455-2222/2241/2238

Region # 8           –        638-8440

Region # 9           –        772-2087/2005

Region # 10         –        444-3429/444-3512/3297 


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