‘Several Attempts in Recent weeks to Throw Contraband Over Prison Fences’ Prison Service Confirms, Public warned of consequences


“Over the past weeks it was observed that several attempts were made by members of the public to thrown contraband (narcotics and cigarettes) over the prison fences.” a press release from the Guyana Prison Service confirmed on Friday.
This comes on the heels of the latest efforts from members of the public to smuggle contraband. Authorities confirmed that the contraband was intercepted by Prison officers attached to the New Amsterdam Prison on May 16 and 17 last. A bag containing 2275 grams of narcotics and 12 cartons of cigarettes was retrieved and handed over to the police.
As a result, the Prison Director- Nicklon Elliot has stated that in response the Prisons’ Service has up the ante on the monitoring and security at all prison locations. The Guyana Prison Service (GPS) will be soon introducing a ‘Stop and Search’ initiative within the confines of each prison location. This will be done in an effort to crackdown on the continued flow of contraband that is being smuggled into the prisons.
Elliot further unveiled plans to erect signs at strategic points outside of the prisons, warning the public to desist and the consequences attached to such an act. Another step that will be taken is for the Prison Administration and the Guyana Police Force (GPF), to engage residents living in proximity to the prisons.
The Prison Director stated that the “civilian population living close to the prisons would have contributed to the increased attempts to throwing contraband items into the prisons”.
Members of the Public found colluding in trafficking contraband into the various prisons countrywide will be arrested and placed before the courts.
Mr. Elliot is reminding the public that it is an offence under Section 53 (1) of the Prison Act for persons to throw any item over the prison fence, which attracts a fine or a period of imprisonment.


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