Shop owner fires gun in air outside of residence of man who threw stones, broke window at shop


A 19-year-old male is now in police custody after he allegedly fired a loaded gun in the direction of the sky outside of a man’s home in retaliation after the man threw stones on the roof of the suspect’s house which resulted in a broken glass window.

The incident took place between 03:50h and 04:15h on Tuesday (yesterday) at Tain Settlement, Corentyne, Berbice.

According to a police statement, a 22-year-old man accompanied by a friend, visited the shop of the suspect to purchase cigarettes.

However, upon their arrival they noticed that the shop was closed, and the 22-year-old reportedly threw stones on the roof of the building which broke a glass window and awoke the suspect who had been asleep at that time.

“The accused became irate and visited the victim’s residence outside of which, he allegedly fired a loaded gun into the sky before fleeing the scene. The matter was subsequently reported to the police. The suspect is in custody assisting with the investigation.”


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