Six armed men rob Massy Gas Products of 10 gas cylinders


-suspects ‘cut hole’ in fence to gain entry, escape using canal

The Two gunmen and four cutlass-wielding bandits who executed the daring robbery at the Massy Gas Products located at Eccles, East Bank Demerara (EBD) last night and managed to steal 10 gas cylinders before making good their escape.

The robbery took place around 20:00h on Saturday after the six (6) suspects “cut a hole” in the fence located at the back of the compound.

According to a police source,  a lone female security guard  was on duty at that location, when she was attacked by the six perpetrators.

 Brandishing firearms, two of the bandits  held the woman at gunpoint, and relieved her of her radio set.

Meanwhile, the other four bandits proceeded to carry 10 gas cylinders out of the compound through the hole in the fence, which they had used to gain entry.

The six armed men then made good their escape over the canal that is situated North of the compound.


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