Skeletal Remains Found on Sea Dam, West Bank Demerara


A Doctor while on a trip to catch crabs with his friends on Saturday stumbled upon skeletal remains.

Police Headquarters noted that at about 19:30 hours, Yeulus Allicock, age 27 years, a doctor of Lot 15 Sister’s Village, West Bank Demerara, reported while on the sea dam they stumbled upon a skull. This was around 15:00 hours.

As a result, they later made a report at Wales Police Station and an investigation was launched.

The following day around 09:00 hours, the scene was visited by a team of Policemen.

Searches were carried out on the the sea dam, where several skeletal remains were found. Same were photographed and retrieved by the team and later taken to Criminal Investigations Department.

A forensic examination is scheduled for 2022-08-31.


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