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Sod turned for $1.7B school at Karasabai

The government on Tuesday turned the sod for the construction of a modern secondary school at Karasabai. 

The school’s construction contract was awarded to Avinash Contracting and is expected to be completed within two years. 

The modern school complex is fitted with ten buildings. These include the main teaching block and allied lecturing facilities, a modern science laboratory for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, TVET Centres, a combined Home Economics and cafeteria area, teachers’ quarters, and an outdoor sitting forecourt. 

The designs of the buildings were completed in November 2022 after a series of consultations. Once completed, the facility will house and cater to 500 students in the classroom and 250 students in the dormitories. 

Students from Karasabai and all other neighbouring villages will have the opportunity to pursue a sound secondary education. 

Students in the Karasabai subdistrict from communities such as Tiger Pond, Cracrana, Tsushima, Kokshebai, and Yurong Paru are either not receiving a secondary education or are being g educated in primary tops, a secondary dept in a primary school.

Delivering the feature address, Minister Manickchand stated that the construction of the school is one step closer to achieving universal education in the region. She noted that the school is intended to deliver first-class education to students in Region Nine. 

“We are very certain that once we do that, you will see your children excel.” 

The Education Minister further noted that hinterland education delivery remains a top priority for the Ministry. 

She highlighted that the Ministry appointed an officer solely responsible for Amerindian and Hinterland Education Development for the first time. 

Minister Dharamall, in his remarks, noted that delivering education to the people of Region Nine has always been on the agenda for the People’s Progressive Party Government since it assumed office. 

He highlighted that in 1992, there was one secondary school in the region, and it was in St Ignatius, which is more than 48 miles away from Karasabi. To date, several secondary schools have been constructed in the region. 

Regional Chairman of Region Nine, Bryan Allicock, stated the construction of the secondary school in Karasabai has been on the agenda and he is proud to see the project become a reality. 



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