Speeding driver slams into utility pole, suffers burns about body after stepping on “exposed wires” following accident


A 24-year-old driver is now hospitalised with third (3rd) degree burns to both of his legs and fourth (4th) degree burns to his back after he walked on exposed wires from a utility pole which his car had slammed into when he lost control of his vehicle in the wee hours of Thursday.

The injured man has been identified as Royston Gill of Hosororo Hill, Mabaruma, North West District (NWD), Region One (Barima-Waini) who was behind the wheel of a pink Premio motorcar (#PPP 7069) when the accident took place.

HGP Nightly News understands that the tragedy occurred around 12:30h on Thursday at the Hosororo Stretch Public Road, Mabaruma, and the pole in question is owned by the Mabaruma Power Company.

According to a police statement, on the date and time mentioned above, the motorcar (#PPP 7069) was proceeding in a South-Western direction along the Hosororo Stretch Public Road, at a fast rate of speed, when the driver lost control of the vehicle and collided with the electrical pole on the South-Eastern side of the road.

“As a result of the collision the electric pole was broken and the exposed wires were hanging. As the driver stepped out of the car he stepped onto a live wire and was electrocuted. He was picked up in an unconscious condition and taken to the Mabaruma Regional Hospital where he is admitted a patient to the male ward suffering third degree burns to both legs and fourth degree burns to his neck.”

Since Gill regained consciousness, he is said to be in a stable condition.

An investigation is ongoing.


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