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Speeding Rider loses control and crashes into pedestrian in Port Kaituma

One woman is nursing injuries about her body following an early morning accident which involved an ATV motorcycle # CH 2890 driven by 35-year-old Troy Garraway and pedestrian Cryslyn Bollers. The accident occurred on the S1A Main Access Road, Port Kaituma, North West District, Region # 1 in the vicinity of S1A Junction.

s incident which occurred about 00:05 hrs on Friday 25th March, 2022

Police say that the motorcycle was speeding and on the approach of the junction the driver alleges that he saw some pedestrians walking along the said road. He claims that he applied brakes, but lost control causing him to skid in a south western direction colliding with the pedestrian with the front portion of the motorcycle.

As a result of the collision the 21-year-old businesswoman of S1A Junction, Port Kaituma fell onto the road surface receiving injuries about her head and body. Bollers was picked up in a conscious condition and taken to the Port Kaituma District Hospital where she was seen, examined and admitted a patient suffering from injuries about her body. Her condition is regarded as stable.

Garraway, a miner of Orinoque, Port Kaituma NWD is presently in custody assisting with the investigation.



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