Speedy declaration of results should be made by GECOM- FITUG


-urges Government, citizens to now focus on “national healing”

Now that the National recount process and tabulation of ballots have been completed it is expected that the subsequent declaration of the results of the much anticipated results be announced soon and therefore the country should accept such to ensure a “peaceful transition of power.”

This is according to a media statement from the Federation of Independent Trades Union of Guyana (FITUG) this afternoon which also pointed out that all political leaders should pledge their commitment to the country and its people as the nation moves towards a “new Government.”

“Unofficially, the country, and we daresay the world, is now aware of the results and the consequences of those results…At this time, we expect President David Granger to gracefully concede and to offer his and his Party’s congratulations to his successor. At this time too, we are aware that the Coalition has committed not to accept the results, we find this most unfortunate and we sincerely hope that better sense will prevail as we all need to join hands for a better Guyana.”

According to the FITGU, the Coalition’s stance which comes against certain accusations has seen many Guyanese coming forward offering evidence that has directly contradicted those contentions.

“However, if the Coalition remains adamant we urge the examination of an Elections Petition which is the only mechanism lawfully provided to address such matters. We do not believe other shenanigans, legal or otherwise, would be helpful at this point in time.”

The Union added that a “healing process” must commence in earnest “as we put behind what was a blistering campaign season” and an even more difficult period in the days after Elections Day.

It reminded that now is the time for all Guyanese to work together and face up collectively to the many challenges that face the country and its citizens.

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