State House being repainted


President Irfaan Ali late last week said that the repainting of State House to its original heritage colour—white—is being done by the Private Sector Commission (PSC) and not by the Government.

Speaking to the media after delivering the feature address at the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) Guyana, post-AGM event at the Arthur Chung Convention Centre, the President pointed out that the PSC officially wrote to the relevant authorities and were granted permission to undertake the task.“The Private Sector has launched an initiative and that initiative is based on getting back State House to Heritage colour.”

President Ali emphasised that no state funds are being used for the project but endorsed the project since it falls in line with the laws in place. “Colour does not matter to me, but national institutions matter, so if a national institution by law is expected to be a certain way, then you have to respect the rule of law.”

State House is one of nine gazetted national monuments in Guyana that falls under the vested responsibility of the National Trust. It was repainted from white to green by the previous administration in 2017 without approval.


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