The state will have to pay the mother of the late Dameon Belgrave 20 million dollars after a High Court Judge ruled in favour of the case against the state for the death of her son. Here are the details in this Javone Vickerie report.

On Monday afternoon, High Court Judge Justice Sandil Kissoon granted the mother of Dameon Belgrave, Donna Sulker $20 million dollars which are expected to be paid to her by the state for the wrongful killing of her son. Sulker, who was represented by Attorney Nigel Hughes, filed proceedings at the High Court in August 2014, contending that the life of her son was snuffed out by police officers who acted recklessly while on duty. Sulker further outlined that the police ranks were not in any imminent danger at the time of the assault and killing of her son, and there were also no lawful circumstances to justify the shooting.

On October 5th, 2012 Belgrave was shot and killed by members of the Guyana Police Force while acting in their official capacities, in the vicinity of the fish shop on Hadfield Street, Georgetown. The police were in pursuit of the occupants of motor car PGG 3506 during the evening of the said day and challenged the occupants of the said car after it was observed that they were attempting to evade the police as the patrol approached. A chase ensued around the streets of Georgetown and the motor car, PGG 3506,eventually stopped in Hadfield Street and five men exited the vehicle. During efforts to arrest them, rounds were discharged and it was later learned that Belgrave, of Middle Street, Pouderoyen, West Bank Demerara, who was standing on the roadway in the vicinity of the White Castle Fish Shop, had been shot to his left side. He was pronounced dead on arrival at the Georgetown Public Hospital. 


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