Statement regarding the Recent Promotions within the Guyana Police Force


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I have been approached by several newly promoted Officers and Ranks of the Guyana Police Force, some of their family members, relatives and friends, media personnel, and concerned citizens regarding the apparent impending legal challenges to the promotions released on July 3, 2022, by the current Police Service Commission and Administration of the Force.

In a democratic society, everyone alleging injustice is afforded equal access to the judicial organ of the State. It appears that a minuscule portion of the Guyanese society is offended by the historic and unprecedented gigantuous elevation of dedicated, diligent, and deserving men and women in uniform. These aspersions can be best described as dubious, mischievous, and disingenuous against the background of the comprehensive postulation of a well-balanced compendium of recommendations by Mr. Clifton Hicken, Acting Commissioner of Police to the current Police Service Commission.

Particularly, the recommendations focused on satisfying a large number of existing vacancies at all levels within the Organisation precipitated by the biased approach and obvious machination of the previous Police Service Commission. This led to the all-time low morale of members of the Force who were distressed about the seemingly infinite litigations concerning Police promotions.

The solution to such a phenomenon is precisely the momentous decision of the Police Service Commission and Commissioner of Police respectively on July 3, 2022, to announce Police promotions.

Hypothetically, should such litigation(s) materialise and be successful, the resultant consequence will invariably be the annulment of the promotions between the Assistant Commissioner to Inspector brackets which amounts to two hundred and fifty-five (255) members of the Force. This will reverberate to the recently promoted four hundred and fifty-five (455) junior ranks because approximately half of the vacancies for sergeants to Lance Corporals were created in the wake of senior promotions.

Hence, rescinding senior promotions would erase those vacancies with the unreasonable and excruciating reversal of those junior promotions. Importantly, the majority of those members who are beneficiaries of the July, 2022 promotions have families and/or dependents, rent, mortgages, medical and other commitments.

The impact of such an occurrence will inevitably shatter the morale of those affected Officers, Inspectors, and other Ranks. Moreover, it would abruptly snatch those affected members’ benefits by reducing their new payment packages and allowances. This would send shock waves across the security landscape of Guyana. This is because members of the Force would be demotivated which will translate into undesirable performance at all levels of the Organisation.

It is the candid view that any person(s) that undertake such an unnecessary and hazardous endeavour is certainly mischievous, void of consciousness, empathy for law enforcement officials, fellow citizens and lack any semblance of Nationhood. Moreover, members of the Force are cognizant of the minuscule portion of society that is pontificating and insinuating sinister intentions. Nevertheless, should such litigation materalise it would not succeed due to the lack of legal foundation, public policy considerations, and the negative implication for public security in Guyana.

The Guyana Police Officers’ Association categorically and unequivocally pledges to promptly make an application to join any such litigation to vigorously and adequately represent the interests of all Officers that were promoted on July 3, 2022.

Further, the Guyana Police Association has expressly indicated that it will pursue the same initiative for the junior members. Therefore, these two institutions act on behalf of more than five thousand members of the Guyana Police Force.

The hierarchy of the Force wishes to assure the seven hundred and ten (710) diligent and deserving members of the Force that all avenues will be explored to ensure the status quo of July 3, 2022, is not interfered with by any unscrupulous, unconscious and sinister minuscule portions of Guyanese society.

The administration of the Force urges all concerned to not be distracted by these mischievous tactics but rather to focus their attention and energies positively by continuing to perform law enforcement duties with diligence and poise. Further, be mindful of those individuals that are self-centred, conniving, and obviously enthusiastic to inflict unwarranted and unprecedented trauma to your best interests. I urge you to remain watchful and steadfast!
Calvin Brutus
Assistant Commissioner of Police
Chairman, Guyana Police Officers’ Association.


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