“Sting Operation” results in Traffic Rank being transferred from Brickdam Station


-caught red-handed on video, photo extorting cash from minibus driver

A Traffic Cop found himself in hot water and has now been transferred from the Brickdam Police Station after a police ‘sting operation’ led to him being caught in the act of extorting cash from a minibus driver last week.

HGP Nightly News understands that the Traffic Rank who was attached to the above-mentioned Police Station, intercepted a minibus near the Stabroek Market area and upon requesting documents from its driver, realized that a vital document was missing.

He reportedly questioned the driver about the missing document and was told that the piece of paper was at the man’s house. As such, it is alleged that the Traffic Rank sent the driver home to retrieve the document but also kept the other paperwork in his possession.

He then told the minibus driver that upon his return he should bring at least $5,000 with him.

This was subsequently was reported to Minister of Home Affairs, Robeson Benn, and a ‘sting operation’ was immediately put in place.

HGP Nightly News further understands that the serial numbers of the cash that the minibus driver handed the Traffic Rank had been photographed and the act of giving the cop the money was also videotaped.

Shortly after, the traffic Rank in question was escorted back to the Brickdam Police Station where an interrogation and investigation commenced.

As a result of the findings and evidence, the rank was immediately removed from the Traffic Department of the Guyana Police Force (GPF).

According to a media release from the Home Affairs Ministry, this incident is a warning that there will be zero tolerance for corruption and those who continue to put the integrity of the GPF at stake will be weeded out.


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