Stolen boat engines, ammo found by cops during raise in Berbice River


Twenty four(24) .45 caliber rounds, one(1) .38 round, two (2)12 gauge cartridges and one(1) .45 caliber magazine were found inside of a haversack that was dropped by a 20-year-old male while he escaped from the police during a raid on Thursday (yesterday) at Paraway, Upper Berbice River.

According to a statement from the cops, ranks of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) conducted a raid exercise at Sand Hill, Hururu and Paraway villages along the Berbice River between 06:00h and 13:00h which led to the discovery of the above-mentioned ammo.

“During the raid, the Police ranks proceeded to the home of a 20-year-old unemployed man (mixed race) of Paraway, Upper Berbice River. Upon arrival at the location, the 20-year-old reportedly saw the police and made good his escape through thick vegetation/bushes, dropping behind an orange and yellow haversack. A Police sergeant who was on the team immediately took possession of the said haversack and carried out a search.”

The GPF noted that a further search was executed inside of the house which the young man in question occupied and two (2) 15 Horse Power (HP) and 40 HP Yamaha outboard engines were found in the room.

“The said 15HP Yamaha engine was reported missing between the 16 and 17 March, 2020 at Hururu Berbice River. Upon returning to the Aroaima Police Station, the robbery victim was contacted and he positively identified the 15 HP Yamaha outboard engine to be his own. The articles including the ammunition were lodged pending investigation.”

The suspect is yet to be arrested as investigations continue.


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