Stolen car recovered within 24-hours with the aid of public spirited persons


-female driver had assisted suspect who asked “for a drop”

Efforts by public spirited persons led to the recovery of a brown ‘212’ motorcar which was stolen on Sunday after its female driver stopped along the roadway to assist a man in transporting him along the West Bank Demerara (WBD) roadway.

The incident took place around 07:30h at the Bagotsville Junction, WBD, in front of a well-known supermarket in that area.

The 48-year-old female driver was identified as Abigail Brutus of Rect-Door-Zee, WBD, who had been travelling with her younger brother when they decided to help a male on the road.

Reports are that around 07:20h on Sunday, the woman and her sibling were proceeding East along the Canal No.1 Access Road when the suspect “stopped them and asked for a drop.”

They decided to assist the man and on arrival at the Bagotsville Junction, Brutus parked in front of a supermarket, then went into the store with her brother.

However, they both exited the car and left the key in its ignition while the suspect was still seated inside of the vehicle.

According to a police statement, about five (5) minutes after Brutus and her brother ventured into the supermarket, they returned outside and discovered the motor car “missing.”

“The matter was reported to the police who made checks for the suspect but were unsuccessful. The vehicle was subsequently recovered in Georgetown with the assistance of public spirited citizens.”


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