Superbet cashier gambles out money then lodges false report at station


A 22-year-old female cashier is currently in custody after reportedly making a false report at the Wales Police station.
According to reports, the cashier claimed at about 19:30hrs on Monday, she was balancing up her day’s work, when an unidentified man walked into the Patentia West Bank Demerara Superbet location requesting for $2000 Superbet credit.
The report said that as the cashier was about to transact the business with him through the steel counter, the suspect pulled out a black handgun and held the victim at gunpoint through the said counter and demanded a gold chain value unknown, One A21s cellular phone valued $47,000 and $450,000 cash.
The cashier
said she complied and handed over the items after which the gunman ran out of the shop.
The matter was then reported to the police.

However, as police continued their investigations, under question the ‘victim’ confessed to never being robbed and related that she had gambled and lost $300,000 of the Superbet money which led her to concoct the plot.

She eventually took the police to her residence where the monies and said articles were found stored in a washroom.

She remains in custody pending charges.


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