Suspect arrested after stabbing brothers at Vreed-en-hoop Stelling


Police were able to confirm on Sunday, September 19 that a 25-year-old male of De Willem West Bank Demerara has been arrested for the murder of Sophia youth Sigmol Gouveia at the Vreed-en-Hoop Stelling which occurred on Saturday night. The West Bank Demerara man also stabbed Sigmol’s brother, Neville Gouveia during the ordeal. The two brothers were rushed to the West Demerara Regional Hospital after the suspect stabbed them.
Sigmol and the 25-year-old man had a confrontation after the man disembarked a boat and was told that the area was not used for passage.
After another argument started, the suspect dealt Sigmol a stab to his abdomen causing him to fall to the ground in an unconscious state.
The victim’s brother Neville, who was present, approached the suspect but was however stabbed too, to his right upper arm and chest.
The boat which brought the suspect came back with about 10 persons on board, all armed with weapons. Further, they took the suspect and went out into the river. A post mortem examination is expected soon.


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