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Suspect in $400M gold heist fatally stabbed on Regent Street

Police are investigating the ‘alleged murder’ of 23-year-old Sabutaro Singh, also known as Mark, a carpenter and part-time vendor on Regent Street and of Lot 529 Herstelling, East Bank Demerara.

Singh was fatally stabbed to the neck on Regent Street (ln the pavement opposite Pressy’s) at around 18:00 hrs yesterday (Wednesday).

FACTS: Investigations revealed that on the date, time and place mentioned above, the victim (Sabutaro Singh) was selling kitchen utensils and other items in the company of two other males when the suspect approached the victim armed with a knife and dealt the victim a stab to the right side of his neck. The victim immediately fell to the ground, helpless while the suspect fled on foot west on Regent Street and made good his escape with the knife in his hand.

The victim was pronounced dead at the scene by an EMT doctor from the GPHC. The body was then escorted to the Memorial Gardens Funeral Home awaiting PME.

The victim was previously charged with others for simple larceny in respect to the multi-million-dollar gold heist which occurred at Mahaica between 2021-07-01 and 2022-09-16.

That matter was heard at the Mahaica Magistrate’s Court and the victim was placed on bail while the matter is pending at the said court. On 2022-11-19 the now deceased man was at his home, when he was shot to his buttocks by an unidentifiable male and investigations were ongoing.



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