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Suspect in Custody for Alleged Murder of DJ Brian Pitam.

One suspect is in custody in connection with the alleged murder of DJ Brian Pitam, 28, of Lot 441 Goed Hope, East Coast Demerara. The murder occurred on Sunday evening at Laluni Village on the Soesdyke Linden Highway and is believed to have been carried out by three identifiable males.

According to reports, Pitam and his father-in-law, 51-year-old truck driver Kumar Bacchus, were at a shop in Laluni when the suspects confronted Bacchus and dealt him a blow. Pitam intervened and was subsequently dealt several chops to his body. The suspects then fled the scene on motorcycles.

Pitam was taken to Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation by bystanders, where he was pronounced dead on arrival. Autopsy results revealed that Pitam had suffered severe injuries, including the partial severing of his left wrist and the severing of his left thumb, index finger, and middle finger. He also had a deep chop wound to the back of his neck.

Police in Regional Police Division 4 ‘B’ is continuing their investigations into the case.



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