Tailor shot while trying to escape from masked gunman, accomplice


A 38-year-old man was shot by one of two masked men while trying to rush to safety when the  duo invaded his home last night (Sunday).
The injured man has been identified as Narindra Persaud, a tailor by occupation, who resides in the Onderneeming Sand Pitt, Essequibo Coast
The shooting incident took place at Persaud’s address around 19:30h yesterday (Sunday).
Reports are that the tailor and his wife were sitting inside of a hammock in the verandah of their home when he heard a loud scream from his wife.
When Persaud reportedly looked up he saw two masked men standing on the opposite side in his verandah.
According to the police, one of the males, who had a hand gun, pointed the weapon towards Persaud and ordered him to remain quiet.
However, Persaud exited the hammock after he began fearing for his life, and tried to escape from the intruders.
He allegedly ran inside the house, leaving his wife alone to face the perpetrators, but while in the process of running away, he “heard a loud explosion and immediately felt a burning sensation on his lower right foot.” 
According to the cops, Persaud’s wife also ran behind him and managed to get in their house safely. 
He immediately secured the door after which he heard four (4) other “loud explosions” of what appeared to be gun shots coming from the North Eastern side of his house.
 Persaud raised an alarm and the two suspects then made good of their escape on foot. 
The injured tailor was rushed to the Suddie Public Hospital where it was observed that he had a “graze to his lower left foot”. 
He was treated and sent away. 
Meanwhile, investigations are in progress.



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