Taxi driver, family held at gunpoint, robbed of over $800,000 in cash, valuables


A 50-year-old taxi driver of Herstelling, East Bank Demerara (EBD) along with his wife and daughter have been left traumatized after two (2) armed bandits stormed into their home, tied up the adults with pieces of cloth before they executed a robbery on Tuesday (yesterday).

The armed robbery took place around 20:40h when the man had just finished feeding his dogs in his yard and secured his shop.

According to a police statement, the taxi driver was attacked in the yard by the perpetrators who forced him into his house through the back door.

“At the same time the victim was gun-butted and received lacerations to his head. Both the victim and his wife were tied with cloth while the bandits ransacked the house and carted off the items mentioned above then made good their escape.”

The cops noted that the bandits stole a quantity of gold jewellery estimated to be worth $500,000, one (1) Samsung S8 cellular phone valued at $80,000, one (1) Samsung J3 cellular phone worth $40,000, one (1) Samsung “smart” television which is 65 inches and its value to be determined, along with $1,200 USD.

 Investigations continue.


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