Taxi driver injured while thwarting robbery attempt by armed bandits


A 50-year-old hire car driver is now nursing a wound to his left hand which he allegedly sustained while fighting with a cutlass-wielding man inside his home after the suspect broke in with another cutlass-wielding suspect and a gunman to execute a robbery last night (Thursday).

The incident occurred around 21:00h at Bush Lot, Corentyne, and involved the three (3) suspects who each wore a mask and donned dark coloured clothing.

According to a police statement, on the date and time mentioned above the taxi driver was awakened by a loud noise coming from his living room and upon checking he was confronted by two  masked bandits both armed with  cutlasses.

“One of the bandits placed a cutlass to his neck and demanded that he handed over all his valuables. The victim then held onto the cutlass and a scuffle ensued. The two bandits subsequently abandoned their mission and made good their escape along with their accomplice with the hand gun who was standing in the yard.”

The 50-year-old taxi driver received a wound to his left hand and was escorted to the Port Mourant Public Hospital where he seen and examined by a doctor on duty and sent away.

Investigations are ongoing.


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