Taxi driver robbed at gunpoint, vehicle hijacked


Four men are now on the Police’s radar after robbing a taxi driver and hijacking his vehicle. According to police, on Tuesday night, the 42-year-old taxi driver picked up two of the suspects from the Stabroek Market area in a Toyota dark green Belta motorcar with
registered number plate PWW6623.
The passengers requested to go to Plum Park Sophia. After arriving in the area, the men asked to be stopped on the main road.
As the victim stopped the motorcar the other two suspects approached the vehicle on the right and left side both armed with handguns
Police further said the passenger/suspects exited the motorcar as the two suspects pointed the guns at the victim and ordered him out of the car where they relieved him of US$200 cash,$36,000 cash One Plum cellular phone valued at $20,000, and relevant documents.

The suspects then entered the car and told the victim to run. As the victim was about to run, one of the suspects discharged two rounds in the air. The victim ran as the suspects then made good their escape in the said motor car.

Checks were made for the suspects but without success. The investigation is ongoing.


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