Taxi Driver takes firearm to police station after attempted robbery in Bartica


Bartica Police Station is now in receipt of a .32 Taurus pistol firearm after an attempted robbery was committed on a taxi driver.

According to reports, the 24 year old taxi driver was called to make a pickup infront the Bartica Hospital at 18:50pm . Upon arriving at the hospital a male with plait hair who was wearing a tope and mask joined his vehicle in the front seat and requested to be taken to Mora Camp.

As the man arrived at his destination, he drew a black handgun and attempted to relieve the driver of his gold chains from around his neck. The driver resisted and wrestled the firearm away from the perpetrator and in the process hit him twice with the gun to his head during which a round was discharged from the firearm. The suspect escaped from the car and fled the scene.

The firearm was then handed over to the police.The said firearm had it’s serial number filed off. The area was searched but the suspect was not located, however, a black tope was found at the scene. Investigation in progress.


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