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Taxi driver thrown out of vehicle, robbed of car by 2 male passengers

A 68-year-old taxi driver was physically assaulted and then robbed of his vehicle (HC 336) by two men wearing COVID-19 face masks on Thursday.

The incident took place around 11:45h at Agriculture Road, East Coast Demerara (ECD).

HGP Nightly News understands that the stolen vehicle is a white Toyota ‘212’ (HC 336).

Reports are that that the hire car driver had been parked in front of a DIGICEL location at Mon Repos, ECD, when  the two suspects approached him requesting a taxi to transport them to the National Agricultural and Research Extension Institute (NAREI).

The 68-year-old driver consented to transporting the duo and the two males quickly entered the his car.

One of the suspects sat in the front passenger sear whole the other sat in the seat behind the driver.

While the taxi driver was proceeding South along Agriculture Road and in the vicinity of the NAREI compound, one of the suspects told him that he had already passed their destination.

As such, the man then changed his direction and turned the car around heading North of the said road.

However, shortly after, one of the two perpetrators told him to stop driving the car, which he did.

The suspect who had been seated behind the driver pounced upon him and held onto his neck in an effort to subdue him.

The other bandit then exited the vehicle and pulled the driver out of the car and threw him onto the road before rushing back into the vehicle and driving away.

Upto press time, investigations into the matter were ongoing and the cops are on the hunt for the stolen car (HC 336).



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