Teaching Service Commission fully reconstituted as two more members sworn in

L-R: Satti Jaisierisingh and Avril Crawford [Photo: HGP Night;ly News/ February 10, 2023]

The Teacher Service Commission (TSC) has been fully reconstituted after two more members were sworn in on Friday. 

The two persons who took the oath before President Irfaan Ali were Satti Jaisierisingh and Avril Crawford. 

In December 2022, Joan Ann Davis-Monkhouse, Shafiran Bhajan, Maydha Persaud, Doodmattie Singh, and Mohammed Saddam Hussain took their oath of office. 

Members of the TSC and government officials on December 30, 2022 

The Commission will function for three years and, at its first meeting, will decide on a Chairperson and a Deputy Chairperson.

In brief remarks, President Ali urged the members to prioritise good governance as a recipe to strengthen the education system. 

“I wish you well as we seek to further strengthen our education system as we seek to ensure we build an institutional environment in which our teachers are treated fairly, in which the process of governance continues to improve and deliver in a manner in which all can find acceptable standards and find good governance. “ 

A number of pupils from the No. 48 Primary School were also in attendance at the swearing-in ceremony. 

The TSC, which is in charge of appointing and disciplining teachers, was last appointed in 2018. 

It had only completed the 2020 promotions of senior teaching staff for non-board schools.


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